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The New Blue Natural Spa : Easy to use, all natural enzyme spa water treatment. Keeps your water clean, clear, and comfortable with no toxic chemicals.

- no testing - no pH balancing - no de-foamers - no clarifiers -


Get the Complete Natural Spa  Start Up Kit

3 Bottles Natural Spa, Crystal Clean and Chlorine-Free Shock:


Crystal Clean: Citric acid based spa / hot tub cleaner that cleans your spa - effortlessly! Safe for all spas, heaters and components. Safe for you! Just open the lid and drop it in. Gets rid of corrosive chemical build up and hard water deposits. ...more


Crystal Clean $24.95  

Potassium Shock: No harsh, toxic Chemicals!


Helps burn up organic contaminants, clarify water, get rid of odors quickly.

Fast acting! Leaves no harmful residual.

 1 lb. bag:  $6.95  

All NEW Mineral Spa  Treatment: Turn your Hot Tub into a natural mineral bath. Use 3 oz per every 100 gallons. Treats up to 500 gallons. Lasts up to 6 months. Special introductory price!



Mineral Spa 15 oz. Bottle:  $129.95

Stain and Scale Cure/Control


Cures and prevents metal stains and hard water problems.

One treatment when you fill. Double the dose to dissolve scale.

One ounce treats 500 gallons.!

8 oz Powder:  $9.95  

PROZONE Ozonator - the best ozone generator for your spa ...more

Patented Corona Hybrid UV Technology creates a stronger oxidizer than any other UV ozonator, with a much longer life than you get with "chip" ozone and none of the maintenance or high cost of "CD" ozone.

NEW LOW PRICE!   $134.95

Every product comes with complete instructions

Clarity Water Products

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We Have Always Been a Green Company!

Long before it was fashionable Clarity Water Products specialized in Chemical Free ways to treat your water.


Even our packing peanuts are plant based; water soluble and compostable.

Our Hot Tub Products

Spa Disk

Controls scale/ Reduces chemicals/ Easy to use/ No plumbing/ Saves money!

Simply place the CuZn Power Disks on top of your water return and enjoy clean, chemical-free water with no effort. For Hot Tubs up to 400 gallons - typically lasts 3-5 months.

Spa Disk 4” Disk:  $49.95

3 sizes - Check your filter and get the right one for your spa:


6" x 2" Spa Core :  $59.95

6" x 1 1/2" Small Spa Core :  $59.95

6" x 1 1/4" Skinny Spa Core :  $59.95

We specialize in natural treatments for your hot tub hydrotherapy spa.

QuickVac is the only way to clean debris, sand and grit from your above ground hot tub, spa or kid’s pool.

QuickVac is the answer!

It’s the Fastest vacuum on the market! ...more

Quick Vac:  $49.95

With QuickDrain we’ve answered the question:

“How do I drain my hot tub?”

With the power to drain 10 to 12 gallons per minute and the ability to “vacuum as it drains”, QuickDrain is the new answer.


You will love how fast and easy it is to use. Empty your tub up to 5 times faster than with your tubs internal drain and you can vacuum it as it drains. You'll be done in minutes and you won't have to sponge out the debris.

There is just no better way. ...more

QuickDrain :  $64.95

Spa Core

Simply place the Spa Core inside your Sediment Filter and enjoy clean water with no effort. For Spas & Hot Tubs up to 500 gallons - typically lasts 3-5 months. Measure the inside diameter of your cartridge and choose the right size. ...more


Controls scale/ Reduces chemicals/ Easy to use/ No plumbing/ Saves money!

Spa Core :  $59.95

Pool Disk

Controls scale Reduces chemicals Easy to use/no plumbing Saves money!

Simply place the 6” Mega Disk on top of your water return and enjoy clean, Chemical-Free water with no effort.

For Above Ground Pools up to 7000 gallons - typically lasts 3-5 months.  ...more

Pool Disk  6” Disk:  $89.95