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Mineral Spa

Hot Tub Treatment

  When you pour in Mineral Spa  you may immediately see a cloud form because of the agglomeration of contaminants in your water. The powerful magnetic forces of Mineral Spa attract these contaminants and clump them together into visible particles. These clumped particles are now big enough to get caught in your filter and be easily cleaned out.

  These clumped particles do not dissolve back into the water and are now harmless.

  Amazing! You can see the water become cleaner and clearer right before your eyes!

  Your hot tub water is now good enough to drink!

Use your favorite Spa Fragrances with Mineral Spa - They last for days!

 Mineral Spa is extracted from volcanic rock; containing more than 68 minerals.

  The minerals come from only one known source. Other volcanic sources were tested, but only the minerals from this one source has these amazing properties.

  The man that discovered this product was intrigued by the fact that waters in certain volcanic regions stayed clean and clear. He searched volcanoes the world over looking for the best water in these regions. The water from this one source proved to be mineral rich, yet contain no toxic levels of any one element, or combination of elements. He then went on to develop a process that extracted the minerals from the rock and captured them in liquid form;

 You just pour it into your water -  AND THAT’S IT!

You don’t have to go to the Mountain to get naturally great water -

We Bring the Mountain to You!

Mineral Spa : 15 oz Bottle: $149.95

 Special Introductory Price - Buy Now and Save $30: Only $129.95

Costs LESS that you’re paying now for all those Harsh, Toxic Chemicals;

Without the Work or Worry!

Mineral Spa : 15 oz Bottle: $149.95

 Special Introductory Price - Buy Now and Save $30 with FREE Shipping:

Only $129.95

COMPARE! - This is about HALF what other Chlorine alternatives cost - BaquaSpa - Silk Balance - Ahh Natural - Without all the work and worry!

Contains no Toxic or Irritating Chemicals - Works in any size spa

Great results in smaller spas, even with daily use!

 Developed and used in Japan for over 8 years as a De-Toxing Treatment

We brought it to America and have been testing it for months - It has passed every test beyond our wildest expectations - so now we are bringing it to YOU!

Available Only from Clarity Water

Amazing New Product!

One treatment lasts up to 8 months in a 500 gallon spa!

- Up to six months in a 400 gallon spa - Up to 4 months in a 280 gallon spa -

Keeps Your Water Sparkling Clear - With No Other Chemicals!

No Testing, No Balancing, No Clarifiers, No Shocking, No Foam!

All Natural - Non Irritating - Odor Free!

No Rash or Itchy Skin - Guaranteed!

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

It sounds incredible, unbelievable even, because all of us got a box full of chemicals along with our spa, test kits to check for half a dozen different chemical levels, instruction books, and even a Video to show us what we have to do every day to maintain the water in our hot tub.

NO MORE!   Mineral Spa changes all that - for the better.

Just fill your spa and pour it in and from that moment on you can escape to your own private, peaceful mountain resort to enjoy the calm, soothing effect of a hot, healing mineral spring - without leaving your yard.

You bought your spa for comfort and relaxation - not to be a slave to chemicals, testing, balancing, shocking and clarifying - right?

Now because of Mineral Spa you can do just that!

The circulation of the water in your hot tub makes the mineral formula do its job; breaking down contaminants, eliminating odors and cleaning the water. All you do is let the spa run, the way it likes to, and it keeps itself clean!

You deserve to do less work, avoid the chemical hassle, and have more time to relax in hot, healing water that’s always clean, clear and ready to soak in - Now you can!

“Hi Cal, You sold us the Mineral Spa back at the end of April, and we've been totally impressed!  We use the jacuzzi (350 gallons) daily for 2-4 hours PER DAY(!) and the Mineral Spa has worked brilliantly!  We look forward to continuing to use this product!”

Patricia I. Makawao, HI

INSTRUCTIONS for using Mineral Spa

One bottle treats 500 gallons of water for up to 8 months.


  All You Do: Start with clean, fresh water and add 3 ounces Mineral Spa for each 100 gallons of water in your spa.


Works in all spas; compatible with ozone and micro-fiber filters.

Before you drain: Add 3 ounces Cascade and 3 ounces household bleach for every 100 gallons of water in your hot tub 4 hours (or more) before draining to thoroughly and effortlessly clean your spa !

  Bromine, Silk Balance and Biguanide (BaquaSpa, SoftSpa, Free) users: You must use Crystal Clean to purge your spa of these chemical residues before draining and using Mineral Spa.

The Affordable Alternative to a Salt Water Spa - With Better Results!

Mineral Spa Hot Tub Treatment Instructions | NaturalSpa.Solutions