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The Natural Spa is 100% safe and biodegradable. Protecting you, your spa, and our environment.


Join the thousands of happy people that enjoy effortless, chemical-free, hot tub pleasure.

Buy a Start Up kit today.

Discover for yourself the pleasure of your very own Natural Spa .

We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction

Not available in Stores - Buy Direct from the Source!

Don't suffer another day with toxic, irritating chemicals!

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9am to 7pm Pacific time, 7 days

Start Up Kit: 1 Natural Spa, 1lb Non-Chlorine Shock,

and 1 Crystal Clean: $44.95    SAVE OVER $12!

Natural Spa 1 Bottle:  $24.95  

Natural Spa 4 pack: $99.80    FREE SHIPPING SAVE OVER $11!

                  SAVE OVER $20!

Natural Spa  6 pack: $139.95  

The Natural Spa is for all spas that stay covered, except for wooden hot tubs.

We do have excellent products for these and most other applications.


*   Will not irritate your eyes or skin.

*   Makes the water softer, so it's nicer to soak in - you come out feeling  clean.

*   Does not foam or cloud the water, and has no irritating fumes.

*   Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and conditioned after you get out.

*  Up to a year between water changes.

*  Non-corrosive and pH stable.

Your spa water will look great, and be healthier for you.

With no Irritating Chemicals!

The chemical balance of the water is unaffected so no pH altering chemicals are required.

But the real secret to the solution is our own special enzymes, which accelerate these natural processes and keeps your spa water sparkling and clear without all those chemicals, without the odor, the irritation, the dry skin, the testing or the water balancing.

Why Enzymes?

Enzymes increase the interaction between elements. They are added to detergents to help break down blood, fat, perspiration, and grass stains. Lipase and Cellulase enzymes soften the fatty exterior walls of microscopic cells, causing them to rupture more easily. Amylase and Protease enzymes help break down starches and proteins, and Oxidase and Hydrolase enzymes increase oxidation and promote the rapid degradation of many substances. Enzymes originally were extracted from both plants and animals, but are now grown naturally.

Our enzymes are ‘housed’ in a coconut oil base, which contributes to the effectiveness of the solution. As the solution breaks down during use the coconut oil is released and gradually coats the filter cartridge, which improves filtration and makes cleaning the filter much easier. The coconut oil also helps soften your skin!

The result is much healthier water; fresh, clean and clear without fear of exposure to any harsh chemicals or their negative side effects.

How to Use It


Technical Information

Chemicals and Your Health


The Natural Spa does every task desired in spa water quality management.

What is the Natural Spa ?

The Natural Spa is the finest, gentlest, easiest-to-use spa water conditioner on the market today. Our unique formula of natural enzymes, minerals, and plant extracts work perfectly!

The water is noticeably softer, stays very clear, has no odor, no foam, and most importantly does not irritate the eyes or skin.  Ideal conditions that let you relax and really enjoy your spa, the way it should be.

The Natural Spa is easy to use

100% safe and non-toxic and lasts a long time


You need to know what really causes the rash, and that Natural Spa is the simple solution to cure the rash.

Chlorine or Bromine burn away your body’s protective oils and make your skin dry and itchy. Many people suffer from red, bumpy inflammations, called folliculitis.

As Chlorine or Bromine combine with minerals in your water, corrosive irritating salts are formed. As the hot water of your spa opens up the pores of your skin these salts imbed themselves in your open pores. Now your body tries to flush these corrosive chemicals out of your skin by inflaming the pore, causing a nasty rash. They call it the "Bromine rash". Many Doctors blame it on bacteria, and prescribe antibiotics and/or steroids for many days. The fact is the rash will usually go away on its own. Frequent baths or showers in hot, clean water really helps to ease the symptoms and promote healing.

The Cure is to Get Rid of the Chemicals and then get back in your spa!

Our Best Deal! Save Over $19

3/1 Start Up Kit: 3 Natural Spa, (6 Month Supply),

1lb Non-Chlorine Shock, and 1 Crystal Clean -  Only $98.95

Or Call 800-860-2477 to Order

9am to 7pm Pacific time, 7 days


If you don’t absolutely LOVE this product you get ALL your money back - including the shipping!

One bottle of the Natural Spa will maintain up to 500 gallons of spa water for 30 to 40 bather uses, about two months of normal use. Normally no other chemicals are needed to protect against staining, scale, corrosion, or pH imbalance.


How Does It Work?

The Natural Spa contains natural organics that are magnetically attracted to contaminants and minerals in the water. This causes solid contaminants to clump together into larger particles that get swept up and caught in the filter where they belong. This natural flocking action helps keep the water nice and clear.

We've added powerful yet gentle cleansers that break down suntan oil, body lotions, and other unwanted contaminants, dissolving them harmlessly into the water, eliminating the cause of unsightly scum and foam.

And natural water softening minerals are in there, to reduce the surface tension of the water and help prevent scale from forming. Which means the water feels very soft and nice.