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NOTE: If You Ever Used BaquaSpa™: Soak your filter 1-2 days in Baqua filter cleaner or a solution of 1 oz Crystal Clean per gallon of water. If your water still has BaquaSpa™ in it; drain the spa and refill with clean water.

BEFORE DRAINING; Rinse filter clean and put back in spa. Add full jar of Crystal Clean for all spas from 350 to 550 gallons - 4 oz per 100 gal for other size spas.

Crystal Clean is very hard in the jar - Remove lid and hold open jar in front of spa jet with pumps on - dissolves in seconds! Don’t worry! - It won’t hurt you or your spa.

Raise water level above any scum or scale lines. Open all jets.

Let Crystal Clean work for 2-3 days, but no more than 7 days. Run jets and air on high frequently. If the water gets cloudy as Crystal Clean cleans your spa do not use the spa as you may have high levels of toxins in the water.

Drain the spa—While draining, run fresh water from hose into the filter inlet and hold hose end up against each jet to force clean water through all the plumbing.

If a white film remains refill and repeat Crystal Clean or wipe down with Comet® Bathroom Cleaner w/citric acid or white vinegar.

Note: If water gets cloudy, has fishy odor and orange grunge at water line in the following weeks add Potassium shock every two days at 1 to 3 times normal dose and clean filter.

If that does not solve the problem add a jar of Crystal Clean, clean the filter again, and drain in three days.


DO NOT WAX THE INSIDE OF YOUR SPA! – It causes cloudy water.

CITY WATER: Use a clean hose, fill spa and turn on pump.

Shock new water with 10 to 15ppm Chlorine, (3 to 5 oz. Regular bleach, (NOT SPLASH-LESS), or 2 teaspoons spa Chlorine granules per 100 gallons of water), to destroy chloramines, algae and tannins.

NOTE: You may be able to skip this step if you know your water is high quality!

When you can’t smell the chlorine anymore - usually after 2 to 3 days - pour in the correct amount of Mineral Spa, (3 ounces per 100 gallons of water).

SOFT WATER: Mineral Spa loves soft water! Just fill your spa, shock with 5 ppm Chlorine, (two ounces of regular bleach, (NOT SPLASH-LESS), per 100 gallons water, plus one more ounce), wait until the Chlorine is gone (1-2 days), then add Mineral Spa.  ENJOY!

HARD WATER (>15gr) :  Add Stain & Scale Cure/Control on 2nd day.


WELL WATER: Adjust pH to 6.8 - 7.2 before adding 15 ppm Chlorine. If water clouds increase Chlorine. When the water stays clear and you can not smell the chlorine anymore add Stain & Scale Cure/Control  if needed. Turn on circulating pump. Turn off air injectors to reduce foaming. Wait 4 hours before adding the Mineral Spa.




The water may immediately turn colors as Mineral Spa mixes with your water. The next day your spa may have a thin dust-like coating on all the surfaces; with filter pump running brush the film away and into the filter. Clean filter the third day. Brush off  dusty film as it appears and clean filter as needed.



DAILY: Run filter pumps for 4 hours or longer and air blowers for 5 minute or more. Run pumps on high for 20 minutes or more. The more you use your spa the longer you should filter the water.


Mineral Spa needs no other chemicals to keep your water soft, safe and clean.


Organic” odor or Hazy water? Increase your circulation. Maybe your ozonator is not strong enough! You may need to add Potassium shock occasionally.


Do not use clarifiers or de-foamers: Clarifiers cause foam. De-foamers cause cloudy water. These products leave residues inside the plumbing.





HAZY WATER:  The water may seem hazy as the Mineral Spa conditions you water. Be patient! Brush away the  dusty film and clean your filter until the water is clear.


Ozone cures hazy water!


GRAY/GREEN WATER: When you quit using Chlorine or Bromine the water will no longer be bleached pure crystal clear - it will have a natural tint.


SLIGHT ODORS: Slight odors are common as contaminants break down and gas off. Ozone eliminates these odors! They should go away in 1 – 2 days. For quicker results add Potassium shock and run the pumps on high with all air jets open for 15 minutes after use.


PINK MILDEW causes odors: Check underside of cover and inside filter area for brown or pink mold. Clean area with bleach, Lysol®  disinfectant or other mold killer.


STRONG ODORS, ALGAE, CLOUDY WATER: Clean filter. Add 1 ounce spa chlorine or 12 oz. regular bleach for every 500 gallons of water. Run the pumps on high with all air jets open for 15 minutes.


 CHECK DAILY; DOUBLE the amount of Chlorine every day until the water is perfect.


 Once the water is perfect; Add 2 oz Potassium shock and run the pumps for 15 minutes. When you can no longer smell the chlorine add a new treatment of Mineral Spa.


FOAM: Do not use 'Foam Down' type products.


Scummy foam means it's time for a new treatment of Mineral Spa.


A lot of foam usually mean detergents got in your water. Scoop out the foam, and dispose of it.


SLIPPERY FILM: When you feel and see a slick, slippery tan film above and just below the water line, and also forming around the lower corners of the spa basin it is time to drain the spa. Add Spa & Filter Clean 4 hours or up to 2 days before you drain.


If you go longer than recommended you most likely will have some problems with cloudy water, slippery film, odors, and scale or flakes in your spa!

WHITE FLAKES, SANDY CRYSTALS, SCALE, (chalky build up around jets), or WHITE FILM coating surface of the spa:


Caused by Hard Water, High pH, and Chemical Residues


A scale preventer will not cure the problem - Clarity Stain & Scale Cure/Control will do the job in no time!


Turn on all circulating jets and add Stain & Scale Cure/Control to water. Add 2 oz for every 500 gallons. Check daily and continue to add 1 oz per 500 gallons daily until problem is gone.


When all the film or crystals have dissolved the jets should move easily in their sockets.


You should add Stain & Scale Cure/Control to new water to keep this problem from coming back. Use only 1 oz. per 500 gallons to prevent scale and stains.


You may use liquid scale preventers (Defender® or similar product) to prevent scale problems. These products do not remove existing scale, but may help prevent new scale.


IRRITATION or RASH: Check your pH and alkalinity - They may be too low and you may be sensitive to slightly acidic water. A pH of 6.8 - 7.4 should cause you no irritation.


BACTERIA OR ALGAE: Shock water with 40 ppm Chlorine, (1 oz spa chlorine granules or 10 ounces bleach per every 100 gallons of water). Repeat daily until water is clean. Wait until you can’t smell the chlorine anymore, and then add a new treatment of Mineral Spa.


If rash or irritation returns this means you either still have toxic Bromine residues in your spa, ( drain and refill), or you have a Staph infection. See your Doctor; you may need antibiotics to cure the rash.

FILTER CARE: Rinse the filter well with a high pressure nozzle on your garden hose as needed. You can tell when the filter needs cleaning when the jets lose power or your control screen reads “flt”


Once a year: Soak the filter for one to two hours in a solution of Spa & Filter Cleaner or 1 cup bleach per 5 gallons of water.


DO NOT USE regular detergents; They cause extensive foaming for several days.


Washing your filter in your dishwasher works well ; it WILL NOT harm it. NOTE! Turn off heater on dry cycle.


COVER CARE: Clean with Oil Soap (Murphy’s). Soak for up to 20 minutes, and then scrub with soft brush. Protect with a quality vinyl treatment with UV screen like Formula 303. On the underside use bleach solution or an ammoniated cleaner like Lysol. For severe stains and odors flip cover over and wash with bleach solution, then let the sun shine on underside for 1-2 days.


If Your Spa Has Been Empty For 3 Months or Longer:


The chemical scale build-up inside the plumbing has gotten very hard, and needs extra attention before cleaning.


Fill your spa with fresh water.


Adjust your pH to between 6.8 and 7.2. Use pool acid, pH Down or white vinegar to lower pH.


Add Crystal Clean.


Open all jets and run pumps on high 1-2 times every day.


Drain after 3 - 4 days.

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Mineral Spa Hot Tub Treatment


 Your water will stay fresh and clean for 3 to 7 weeks for every 100 gallons depending upon water quality and bather use.


After large groups using your spa run pumps on high for several cycles, add Potassium shock if necessary.


Its time to drain, or add more Mineral Spa, if the walls of the spa  start to get slippery and slimy, clusters of foam appear on the surface and a thin , dusty coating appears on surfaces of spa, especially in bottom corners.


pH: Should be between 6.5 and 8.5. Municipal water is normally in this range.


To lower pH: Use white vinegar or pool acid before adding Mineral Spa;


Add only 2 cups of vinegar or 1 oz. pool acid, diluted, at a time.


pH fact: A lower pH (between 6 and 7) helps kill bacteria, gives the water a sparkle and leaves your skin squeaky clean. However; you may be sensitive to water with a low pH, especially if you are just recovering from a Bromine or Chlorine rash.


To raise pH: Add pH UP or baking soda , 1/2 ounce at a time.


Alkalinity: Should be between 40 and 280.


To raise alkalinity: Use baking soda; 1 ounce at a time.


To lower alkalinity: Use vinegar, pool acid or Easy Acid.


Note: Wait at least 4 hours after adding any chemical before testing to see what effect it has had on the water.


Stain and Scale Control: Recommended if your local water is very hard or high in metal or minerals.


Water Changes: Change your water as often as is practical for best results.


180 gallon Spas—drain after six to twelve weeks of use


240 gallon Spas—drain after 2 1/2  to 4 months of use


320 gallon Spas—drain every three to five months


400 gallon Spas—drain every 4 -6 months