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The Natural Spa

All natural enzyme treatment keeps your water clean, clear, and comfortable with NO toxic chemicals!

Easy to use - No pH balancing - No de-foamers - No clarifiers. Perfect for all acrylic, fiberglass and in-ground spas with covers.

  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -  We’ll even refund your SHIPPING if you’re not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the Natural Spa !          

Powerful Cleaner: Our unique enzyme formula is strong enough to break down oils, lotions, urine, perspiration and other bather waste. All without the smell and harmful effects of Chemicals.

Flocking Agents: Solid contaminants are gathered together to be swept into your filter, keeping your water naturally clean without Chemicals.

Natural Water and Skin Softening Agents: The Natural Spa contains coconut oil moisturizers that leave your skin feeling nice and soft. No more water line scum - Helps protect your equipment from scale build up to keep it running smoothly. Will not dry out your skin or hair like Chemicals.

Lasts a Long, Long Time: The Natural Spa keeps your spa clean and clear for months - so you can enjoy your vacations, and live your life, without worry about taking care of your water.   ...more


Our Best Deal! Save Over $19 

3/1 Start Up Kit: 3 Natural Spa, (6 Month Supply), 1 lb Non-Chlorine Shock,

and 1 Crystal Clean - Only $98.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

Call 800-860-2477 to Order

9am to 7pm Pacific time, 7 days

What people are saying about the Natural Spa

"Cal: Just got to say this is a wonderful product so far. My hubby says I am addicted to my hot tub. I am a heavy user. Thanks again."

"OK, I am hooked!!  I decided to put the product in monthly.  We cannot believe how clean the water looks and feels!! HAVE A GREAAAAAT DAY,"                                               Karen H. - Steeleville, IL

Just to let you know...your product is working great in our cement hot tub. I'm now at 60 days on the last bottle, and the water still looks clear. I'm going to change the filter today and go ahead and add a bottle. I think my alopecia (hair loss) has stopped as well. Now if my sense of smell would come back, I'd think of it as a miracle. No more chlorine or bromine for me.      Best,  Sandy

I have to tell you that I truly appreciate your little reminders to add your magic to my spa.  Before I found your site on line, I was ready to sell my spa because of the terrible rash I got, despite showering, creams etc.  I am now enjoying my spa with no worries.   

Whatever is in those little magic bottle, it works great.  I use just a tiny bit of chlorine and an occasional 1/2 cup of white vinegar and that's all. Thanks so much.  Marianne                          Marianne C. - Mascoutah, IL

"This is a revolutionary product that everyone should be using. I am amazed - not only at how crystal clear my spa is, but also how great the water feels! I love not having to rinse the Chlorine off myself after I use the spa -- and my skin feels better! It’s so easy to use - and it costs even less than the Chemicals I was using. Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful product!                                                         Julio B. – Hialeah, FL

"The Natural Spa got rid of that itching, and the red skin, and all that trouble with the chemicals. It is really great!"                                                                                                             Tammy B. – Monticello, GA

"This is Great! It’s everything promised. No testing and no chemicals. Water is always completely clear!"

Ellen D. – Cincinnati, OH

"I haven’t used any chemicals since I bought the Natural Spa in 1996. Great results; Excellent product. The water stays perfectly clear. I haven’t had to drain the water every few months like I used to."

John H. – Clute, TX

"When I first saw this stuff I could hardly believe it. Now I’m totally sold. My only question is what to do with this big box filled with chemicals that are not being used. Thanks for the service that you have given me."


"Everything they tell you on this website is the truth.  Their products for a spa are exactly what they say they are.

Richard P. – Anthem, AZ

Our new spa was a mess with all the chemicals we were using. I couldn't keep a balance no matter what I did.   Worse than that, we had skin rashes and itching, and within days all this foam collecting on us and in the hot tub. When we cleaned the spa by emptying it, and renewed the whole thing with Crystal Clean and the Natural Spa it was unbelievably clear and the water was awesome. And it has stayed this way ever since. We have been a customer of theirs for some time now and all our water problems have disappeared. It's wonderful!

Just give Cal Robinson a call and he will set you right on track. This company is great to deal with and we couldn't be happier with their water conditioning spa products.

Thanks Cal,   you were right!"                                                                                 Jan and Art – Paris, TN

Complete Start Up Kit: Everything you need to get the chemicals out of your hot tub and enjoy a Natural Spa for months!

3 Natural Spa, (6 Month Supply), 1 lb Non-Chlorine Shock, and 1 Crystal Clean - Save Over $18  -  FREE SHIPPING!


More about the Natural Spa

Natural Spa technical information

Spa Chemicals, Bacteria and Your Health

1 Bottle Natural Spa, $24.95

FREE Shipping on 4 bottles of Natural Spa $ SAVE $


SAVE 10$ on 6 Natural Spa and get FREE Shipping TOO!


Natural Spa Start Up Kit: The basics you need to get the chemicals out of your hot tub and start enjoying a Natural Spa

1 bottle Natural Spa, 1 lb Non-Chlorine Shock, and 1 Crystal Clean

Only $44.95

Crystal Clean

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How Hot Tub Chemicals Affect Your Health | NaturalSpa.Solutions

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