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How To Use the Natural Spa

First; you Crystal Clean your spa to remove chemical residues, hard water deposits, corrosion and other contaminants hidden deep inside the plumbing of your spa that cause irritation, cloudy water, improper operation or pH imbalance. Crystal Clean is a strong, easy to use citrus based cleaner that won't hurt you or any of the components of your spa. Add 4 ounces for every 100 gallons of water and run your spa three to four times a day for 2 to 3 days. The spa cleans itself! Drain the spa once it’s clean, and you’re ready to start enjoying a Natural Spa.

Our Start Up Kit includes one bottle of Natural Spa, one jar of Crystal Clean, Potassium Shock and complete instructions (a $57.90 value). That’s everything you’ll need for all spas up to 500 gallons.

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NOTE: New spas are "wet tested" at the factory to make sure that everything works correctly, and to guarantee no leaks. Then they are drained and wrapped in protective plastic. Eventually they are shipped to the dealer or new owner. Because these spas have been wet, algae and mold may begin to grow inside the plumbing and filter in the dark, moist environment. The same is true for the seldom-used garden hose that you will be using to fill this new spa with. The first time you fill your new spa, or anytime the spa has been drained and left empty for more than three weeks health officials recommend flushing the spa thoroughly with an 80 ppm Chlorine solution, or soaking with a 20 ppm solution for nine hours or longer. In addition, you should soak the filter for 90 minutes or longer in a solution of 1 part household bleach to 7 parts water.

When you get a new spa, you will want to use it a lot, and of course you want the water to stay crystal clear. But new spas may have manufacturing residues of silicon, Teflon, waxes and other chemicals that slowly wash out and cause cloudy water for many months. Chlorine will bleach and oxidize these residues, keeping the water clear during this time. And so, for new spa owners we suggest the use of dichlor, (not bromine), per the chlorine manufacturer's recommendations for the first 30 days. Then drain and refill before using the Natural Spa.

If you do not want to soak in highly chlorinated water, then fill your spa and add Natural Spa according to label instructions. You may notice a slight haze for awhile as the manufacturing residues wash off into the water. We recommend you shock as needed with non-chlorine shock, hydrogen peroxide, or small amounts of chlorine. After four to six weeks of use add Alkaline Cleaner, circulate awhile, then drain after 4 hours or longer.

It's your choice. Complete instructions come with every order.

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Add Alkaline Spa & Filter Cleaner, or for hard water Crystal Clean 2 days before draining to keep the spa nice and clean. Soak filter in bucket of water with Filter Cleaner or 1 cup of household bleach added. With the Natural Spa  there is no build-up of toxic, corrosive chemicals in your water to worry about, so water changes are needed much less often than the one to four months required with other systems.

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Alkalinity: Alkalinity can be anywhere between 60 and 280. Raise alkalinity with baking soda or Alkalinity Increaser, lower with Muriatic Acid or Easy Acid, available at a pool supply.

Metal Gon® : Not as effective as our product, but OK to use. If your local water is very high in dissolved metals, add 1 to 2 ounces of Stain and Scale Cure/Control to every 500 gallons of new water to sequester these metals and prevent any problems with staining or scaling.

Defender® : Because you’re not adding tablets or granules to your water, you normally will not need this product. If sandy crystals begin to form, use Stain and Scale Cure/Control to cure and prevent the problem, according to our instructions.

Foam: Do not use “Foam Down” type products. Lingering clumps of foam mean it's time to add another bottle of Natural Spa. If the foam is excessive, scoop it off and dispose of it to eliminate the cause of the foam. If it doesn't go away in a day or two, then Crystal Clean and drain the spa.

Clarifiers: Do not use a clarifier, as the Natural Spa  is a clarifier itself. Other clarifiers may cause foam and some may even bond with the Natural Spa  and cause it to be filtered out of your water.

Ozone, non-chlorine shock and hydrogen peroxide: You should use these oxidizers under heavy use conditions. These are excellent products that help clear the water.

ONE BOTTLE LASTS 40 bather uses, or about TWO MONTHS. With frequent use you will need to add the Natural Spa  more often. Surface scum or foam are indicators that it's time to add a new bottle.



Spa Chemicals and Your Health



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Drain your spa and refill with fresh water to eliminate the Biguanide in the water. Crystal Clean the spa and soak the filter in a concentrated solution of Crystal Clean. Add Natural Spa  to the fresh water. You may need to shock the water with non-chlorine shock or hydrogen peroxide in the next few weeks to maintain clarity.


Take out the filter and toss the bromine floater, if used. Rinse and replace your filter so that the water treated with Crystal Clean will clean it thoroughly. Turn on all the jets and hold the open jar of Crystal Clean in front of a jet. It will dissolve in seconds. The longer you circulate the water, the better the cleaning job. The contaminants that are in your spa will cause the water to get cloudy and may cause foam and scum to rise to the surface. Scoop away this foam while purging, and dispose of it. Crystal Clean your spa for 2 to 3 days to thoroughly clean it.

Once your spa is clean, fill with fresh water and shock the new water with 15ppm of chlorine. This should remove any residual chloramines, tannins or algae.

If you want to use your spa as soon as it is hot enough, wait until you get out to add the Chlorine.

If your water is high in iron, copper, calcium or other scale causing metals: Add 1 to 2 ounces of Stain & Scale Cure/Control on the third day, to sequester these metals and prevent any problems with staining or scaling.

Heat the water to at least 80° F, and wait until the chlorine level is below 1ppm before adding Natural Spa.

One bottle of Natural Spa  will keep your water looking and feeling great for one to two months with average use. If you use your spa 3 to 5 days a week for twenty minutes each time, we consider that average use. With more use by more people or for longer times you will have to add a bottle more often. If you use your spa daily, you will add a bottle every 4 to 5 weeks. If you don't use your spa for long periods of time, you may find that the water stays nice and clear for 3 to 4 months. When you haven’t used your spa for a long time, you need to add a new bottle of Natural Spa before use to recondition the water.

The final consideration is the size of your spa. One bottle of Natural Spa  will treat up to 500 gallons, so larger spas will need to start with two bottles or more. Large swim spas will need a bottle of Natural Spa added every one to two months even when not used a lot. Smaller spas (under 200 gal.) can be a bit more difficult to maintain, especially under heavy use. Best results come from adding 4 ounces per 100 gallons of fresh water, then adding another ½ ounce for every bather use once a week, or as needed. Also, small spas should be drained more often. And remember to clean the filter before adding a bottle.

No testing is required, as Natural Spa has no effect on pH or alkalinity.

And there is no need to drain the water as long as it stays clear and fresh, which can be up to a year. We do recommend that you drain every 6 months, (just because), and use Crystal Clean (if you have hard water deposits) or Alkaline Spa & Filter Cleaner just before you drain, to keep your spa as clean as can be. A clean spa uses less energy to heat the water, runs smoother and lasts longer.


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Circulate four to eight hours daily.

Add 1 full bottle of Natural Spa  EVERY TWO MONTHS

Spas of 300 gallons or less should add 4 ounces of Natural Spa  to fresh water, then replenish with ½ ounce for every bather use once a week or as needed.

Clean filter with high-pressure nozzle before adding a bottle of Natural Spa. If you clean the filter too often you are washing away the Natural Spa  and leaving your spa water unconditioned. Once a year, or as needed soak the filter(s) with 1 cup household bleach in a bucket of water. You may use our alkaline filter cleaner or other filter cleaners, but not regular detergent as this will cause extensive foaming for several days.

Check pH and balance if necessary. Your pH can be between 6.0 and 8.4. Most city water has had the pH and alkalinity properly balanced before distribution. The Natural Spa  can tolerate a much greater pH range and still maintain water quality. A higher pH feels softer on your skin. You can raise the pH by adding baking soda to your spa, 1 ounce at a time. To lower the pH use vinegar, pH Down or pool acid, diluted into a bucket of water. DO NOT add too much at a time - you want to lower the pH slowly. Wait at least 4 hours after adding any chemical before testing to see what effect it has had on the water.