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PZ1 Series - Portable Spas (Printable Brochure)


The PZ1 portable spa ozone generator features a patented Corona Hybrid arc tube, a Solid State Ballast, and a standard installation kit.   



Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube harnesses the high ozone concentrations of Corona Discharge generators while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of VUV technology.

Rugged, functional housing: heavy extruded aluminum case for durability; translucent end caps glow when system is on.



Low cost, low maintenance operation



Warranty – 2 years



Compatible with all major spa brands



Easily retrofittable to existing spas


Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube



Voltage: Prozone Solid State Ballast



110 VAC 60 Hz or 230/240 VAC 50/60 Hz



Connection: All common configurations available



Ozone Purity: 100%, no nitrogen byproducts



Arc Life (nominal): 20,000 hours



Operating Temperature: +25° F to +120° F



Weight: 3 lbs.



Dimensions: 8"W x 3½"D x 3"H



Case Construction: Extruded Anodized Aluminum

Configurations, Options, Kit/Package Description   

Standard Kit : Check Valve & Mounting Screws

Optional Kit :- Prozone Patented Dynamic Venturi Injector- Patented Bypass Installation Kit  


Injector Performance data:     

PZ 684        1 PSI: 1 CFH  2 PSI: 2 CFH 3 PSI: 3 CFH 8 PSI: 5 CFH

    Patents #5,075,016; #6,192,911; #6,426,053; #6,342,154 and patents pending.

Ozone for your Spa


Replace or upgrade your hot tub with the best Ozone Generator You can buy!



Please specify 110 volt or 220 volt and

Power cord plug-in style when ordering

              Plug selection guide

Venturi Bypass Kit with Saddle Clamp P15

Price: $104.95

Tee, Saddle ABS, Adapt, 2”/1.5 (2 units)



Injector, ABS, PZ 684 (1 unit)



Clamp, Plastic, Black, .500” (4 Units)



Clamp, Hose, Metal, 1.25” (2 Units)



Screw, SST, #8 x ¾” PPSMS (4 Units)



Hose, Polybraid, ¼” ID (72 inches)



Hose, CV, ¾” ID x 1/8” Wall (96 inches)



Valve, KY Check, ¼” x ¼” (1 unit)



Pipe, PVC, ½” x 3”, Cut & Debur (1 unit)



Gasket, Saddle Clamp, PZVII (2 Units)



Assembly, PZ7 Kit, Dist. Aims (2 Units)


Optional Prozone Patented Dynamic Venturi Injector Bypass System allows maximum ozone/water mixing for superior water quality. The bypass also means a quick retrofit installation or replacement for all existing ozone generators.

Add ozone to any Hot Tub or pool


Easy retrofit kit  $104.95

Call us about adding a PZ7 to your hot tub - 6 grams per day of ozone - put this on your spa with 24 hour circulation and go completely Chemical-FREE!