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With QuickDrain we’ve answered the question:

“How do I drain my hot tub?”

With the power to drain 10 to 12 gallons per minute and the ability to “vacuum as it drains”,

QuickDrain is the new answer.

You will love how fast and easy it is to use. Drain your tub up to 5X faster than your tubs internal mechanism and you can "Vacuum it as it Drains". You'll be done in 30 minutes and you won't have to “towel out the debris”.

There is no better way.

Primary Use:

QuickDrain was designed as a better way to drain hot tubs and spas. Hot tub owners have to drain their tubs every 6 to 8 weeks. Prior to QuickDrain this was a lengthy, frustrating process, particularly in the cold winter months.

All hot tub’s have drains. The problem is that they tend to be very slow, with a typical tub taking up to 3 hours to drain and as it drains, any debris in the water tends to settle in the seats and floor forcing the owner to crawl in and “towel it out”. A frustrating job on a cold winter day.

A submersible pump is an alternative to the tubs internal draining mechanism. A larger pump will speed things up and drain a typical tub in 30 minutes, but again, the debris remains in the tub and settles in the seats and floor. You still have to crawl in and “towel it out”.

QuickDrain – As fast as a pump and it

“Vacuums as it Drains”

QuickDrain will drain a typical tub in just over 30 minutes and best of all, you can vacuum the tub as it drains. It’s as fast as a submersible pump and you can maneuver it around to vacuum your tub clean, eliminating the need crawl in and “towel it out”. What used to be time consuming and frustrating can now be done in 30 minutes and it’s easy.

Primary Function: Draining device – drains 10 to 12 gallons per minute.

Drain a 400 gal. tub in just over 30 minutes.


Uses: Above ground: Hot-Tubs & Spas; Pools, Pool Covers; Kid’s Splasher Pools; Wading Pools; Fountains & Ponds; Drums, Tanks & Vats

Any above ground water source.






QuickDrain  $64.95