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Hot Tub Rash - Folliculitis

Irritation from Bromine or Chlorine is the number one cause of Spa or Hot Tub Rash. These caustic chemicals burn away the enzymes and body fluids that protect our bodies from inflammation and irritation of our hair follicles. Not everyone is affected, as our physiology differs from person to person. Men are statistically more prone to this affliction.

If bacteria is the cause of hot tub rash then everyone using the spa would get the rash. That is often not the case. Usually it is just one member of the family, or one fair skinned parent and their children with the same genealogical fair skin.

Antibiotics and steroids, though often prescribed by doctors, are usually not necessary. Flushing the area with clean water and gently scrubbing will help you to heal, with the inflammation normally clearing itself in about a week.

The simple cure for hot tub rash is to get rid of the caustic Chlorine or ‘Bromine, fill your spa with fresh, clean water and get back in the spa so the hot water will open the pores in the skin, then brush the affected areas gently, allowing the clean water to get into the pores and flush away the caustic chemicals and any irritating matter, such as the calcite, Chloride and Bromide, formed from the use of these chemicals.

People that get a reaction from Chlorine or Bromine will often switch to an alternative sanitizer, usually BaquaSpa, Free or Soft Spa.

These products contain poly-hexamethylene Biguanide.

As the Hexane and Methane in these products break free they create an oxygen absorbing gas on the surface of your spa. When you get in your spa, and slide down so your chin is touching the water, you will find it difficult or impossible to breathe. At the least you will feel the “tickle” in your throat that makes you want to cough.

Chlorine or Bromine users are prone to “swimmers cough”, caused by the out-gassing of endotoxins released by bacteria as the Chlorine or Bromine burn them up. These can cause irreparable lung damage, as can Chlorine gas. There are also Chlorophyll and Bromates in this gas, known carcinogens and irritants.

Coughing - Difficulty Breathing - Lung Irritation

Our line of Non-Toxic products will not cause any irritation, infection or cancer, no matter how much you are exposed to them.

Our products are 100% SAFE

When you use our products you are helping to protect yourself, your spa, and our environment.


All with less effort, lower cost and healthier water.

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The Natural Spa is for all spas that stay covered, except for wooden hot tubs.

We do have excellent products for these and most other applications.