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  CuZn's Spa Filtration System uses a KDF cylinder to provide excellent, chlorine-free water for spas through filtration rather than the through the introduction of chemicals to the water.

  Chlorine attacks organic matter, and your skin is your body's largest organ.  Chlorine irritates eyes, nose membranes, and lungs and it leaves skin and hair dry and flaky.  Studies have shown that long-term exposure to chlorine can be harmful to your health.  Hydrogen peroxide alternatives to chlorine can also cause allergic reactions and can cause white, gummy residues throughout your spa.

  CuZn use-a-state-of-the-art form of KDF® copper-zinc media which has been molded, via a proprietary process, into a hard cylinder that looks like a gold sponge.


KDF removes chlorine, is excellent as a descalant and algicide in the spa and maintains a bacteriostatic environment in the filter.  KDF meets NSF Standards 42 and 61 and has been tested to remove heavy metals and inorganics as well as chlorine from water.  KDF releases low residual copper and zinc ions into the water to prevent algae and fungus growth.


Filtration takes place as the water twists and turns through the Spa Core's maze of copper-zinc fibers.  This tortuous movement increases contact time with the media as the water is continually circulated through the openings.  Because the reticulated foam media is hard, it cannot be compacted, and the filter is not subject to channeling or clogging.  No backwashing of media is necessary.


Install the CuZn Spa Core inside your filter (see photo) and swim in cleaner, clearer water - free of chlorine.  No electricity or ozone is needed.  To assure quality performance, water should be allowed to circulate through the filter for two to four hours a day.



Remove the pleated filter from your spa and insert the Spa Core inside the filter. Water is treated as it circulates through the system.  Complete installation instructions come with the product.



4 months with normal use



Filter Foam's Power Disk technology makes refilling as simple as dropping out the old disks and popping in the new!





Simply place the CuZn SpaCore inside your Sediment Filter and enjoy clean water with no effort.


For Spas & Hot Tubs up to 400 gallons - lasts 4 months

Spa Core :  $59.95  choose size

3 sizes - Check your filter and get the right one for your spa:


6" x 2" Spa Core :  $59.95

6" x 1 1/2" Small Spa Core :  $59.95

6" x 1 1/4" Skinny Spa Core :  $59.95