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Pool Disk

Spa Core, Spa Disk

and Pool Disk FAQ


1. Put the Spa•Core into the clean sediment filter.

2. Make sure Spa•Core fits snugly. If necessary, wrap the enclosed cloth bag around the Spa•Core to make sure the Spa•Core does not get sucked into the return.

3. Make sure Spa•Core is at the bottom end of the sediment filter when placed in the spa.

4. You’re done! Enjoy clean non-chemical bathing!




Q: How will I know the Spa•Core is working?

A: The water in your spa will be clear.


Q: How will I know if the Spa•Core is not working?

A: The water will start to become cloudy.


Q: How long will the Spa•Core last?

A: One Spa•Core can last up to 3 or 4 months.


Q: What water tests do I need to perform?

A: None, really, but a copper level test will assure you the Spa•Core is working.


Q: Do I need to use chlorine?

A: Perhaps, but only occasionally. You can mini-shock your spa (extra heavy load, rainfall) with chlorine or a non-organic shocking agent.